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Singapore Deploys Robots to Monitor Population Behavior

Rabu, September 08, 2021, 16:31 WIB Last Updated 2021-09-08T09:31:12Z

Kompaz Candil Kuya - The Singapore government has started testing robots to monitor the behavior of its citizens so they don't violate the rules. The robot named Xavier began to be deployed to carry out patrols in the center of the population in Singapore.

Singapore Deploys Robots to Monitor Population Behavior

As reported by engadget, Tuesday (7/9), the Singaporean government conducted a trial of the Xavier robot patrol in the Toa Payoh area.

The government uses the robot to warn and remind residents to comply with various local rules, including health protocols during a pandemic.

The Xavier robot was also used to warn Singaporeans not to smoke indiscriminately.

In addition, the robot is also used to warn residents who park vehicles, such as motorbikes or bicycles, carelessly.

If the Xavier robot finds a violation, then they will send the data to the control center office. Then the control center will send a message displayed on the body of the robot to remind the violators not to repeat their actions, as reported by The Straits Times.

The robot is equipped with a camera with a 360-degree view to monitor the situation. They can also shoot low-light images using infrared and low-light cameras.

In addition, the Xavier robot is also equipped with a video recorder equipped with an artificial intelligence analysis system. The goal is to send messages in certain situations that require the intervention of police officers.

In order to move freely and not disturb residents, the robot is equipped with a self-contained navigation system and a number of sensors that can allow them to avoid stationary and moving objects, such as pedestrian paths and vehicles.

The deployment of robots is Singapore's way of controlling the behavior and rules of the population in order to keep obeying the rules. In addition to deploying robots, the local government plans to increase the number of surveillance cameras to 200 thousand units over the next ten years.

Local government officials believe the deployment of robots can make residents more law-abiding and reduce the need for police to patrol.

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