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How to Keep Car Cabin Temperature Cool

Rabu, September 08, 2021, 17:11 WIB Last Updated 2021-09-08T10:18:18Z

Kompaz Candil Kuya - The hot conditions in the interior of the car practically make the driver and passengers uncomfortable. To reduce the feeling of heat, we can follow the tips so that the passenger cabin temperature remains ideal.

How to Keep Car Cabin Temperature Cool

Here's how to keep the car cabin co ol, citing various sources.

1. Check AC freon

How to keep the temperature of the car to stay cool is to make sure the AC freon. Air conditioning freon that runs out or less can cause the car's temperature to become hot. Periodically check your car's air conditioning freon and make sure the car's AC system is running properly.

2. Park in a cool place

Parking the car in the hot sun will double the heat in the passenger cabin. Therefore, avoid choosing a parking space in an open area. Placing the car in a cool place and not directly exposed to the sun is the right choice.

3. Open the car window

The car window is opened if your car's air conditioner is broken or not cold enough. This method is classic, but helps maintain the temperature while the car is moving. Temperature conditions will be a little hot when the car is stationary due to red lights or queuing at the toll road.

4. Install the heat-absorbing window film

Car window film plays a role in maintaining the temperature. The more expensive the window film, the better its ability to absorb heat. That way, you will not feel hot even if the car is exposed to direct sunlight.

In addition to window film, you can also use a more economical sun visor. Car sun visors are easy to find and affordable. The shape is wide square with thin black cloth. The sun visor is usually affixed to the inner windshield (top of the dashboard).

5. Open the car window a little

When going to public facilities, often the car must be parked in an open area exposed to the sun. The heat will be felt when the car door is opened.

Opening a little car window when not left is one way to keep the car's temperature cool. Lower the windshield slightly before leaving the car or turning off the engine. Do not open too wide so as not to provoke criminal action.

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